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Nature-based programs, learning environments and social practices for personal discovery, sense-making, organisational rapport and community building

Rock Circle Sky is an experienced partnership of facilitators —

We organize in purpose and support of essential nature connection, explore and support deep self and group learning, act by passing on practices that activate authentic engagement, educate and nurture for wholesome participation in life.

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6 – 11th September 2022

rewilderness camp

Autumn Equinox
Deepening Quest

Accompanied through a group process into a solo time, a 24-hour fast grounding into meaningful connection with nature, our lives and the forthcoming change of season. 
Rob Dreaming, Krisztina Pasztor and team

The Autumn equinox provides a compelling opportunity to reawaken and set the foundations for a relationship of honest intimacy and (re)alignment between us and the Earth. This program is offered to facilitate a harvest and a preparation for going within; an initiation to pull us out of the familiar world and support us in rediscovering an often neglected capacity to witness and connect to a more expansive  narrative of self and our place in the natural world and our lives.

Alentejo, Portugal

4 – 6th October 2022

rock circle sky council training


Way of Council
Introduction Training


This training is now full. If you wish to add yourself on the waiting list or be informed of the next trainings, please leave your details to

Full 3-day introduction to Council, supported by the regenerative project, Permalab

Over 20 hours of tuition with Rob Dreaming and experienced facilitation team

Council is about relationships, a method to support group processes and personal development, for vision and clarifying purpose, co-operative learning environments, co-creating an experience of connection, trust, teamwork, intimacy, empathy and transparency. This will be an opportunity for a new/old way to emerge, take shape, open the heart and practice the powerful yet simple forms of council, immediately applicable for professional and personal life.

Alentejo, Portugal

Cooperative solutions and partnership initiatives

Passing on the experience, held, tested and embodied practices in which we are already skilled

If you are looking for a more horizontal approach, we co-create with your organisation, group or team, strategies and outline practice techniques to support your needs. We take care to be inclusive in our methods, that we better know your real questions, what is behind the needs and how any suggested program can be sustainable and effective for you, impacted by changes made ongoingly.

Way of Council

Mentorship Programs


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