About us

Rock Circle Sky begins with João and Rob. We stand to offer you our experience in nature based practices, somatic work approaches, group facilitation processes, heart-centered education and pathways to deep-listen to self, other and the bigger picture.


Our organisation is an experienced partnership of facilitators in the practice and recovery of ceremony, rites of passage, Council and nature immersion experiences handed down through generations from ancient times; woven to accommodate and adapt to modern life.


The roots of our work lie in evoking a deeper understanding of what being Human truly means on a personal, social, spiritual, practical and an all-connected ecological level.


Inspired by the essential quality of rocks; ancient, timeless and grounded, the power of the circle and the greater-than-ourselves enveloping sky; Rock Circle Sky was forged. With this we share with you our passion in creating embodied transformational experiences and re-source you with foundational practices for wholeness.


Rock Circle Sky is the natural result of an 8-year friendship and working partnership; our affinity, companionship and mutual alignment to participate in the evolutionary work of our challenging times.


In the speed of things, we don’t drop pills for change, but rather plant trees.