Base Camp Community Building Week II

9th – 15th of August 2021 • Portugal

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A week long re-calibration into nature, community living and hands-on construction

Neither workshop nor a retreat with facilitators guiding our every moment, this will be real life: a highly calibrating learning experience within community spirit.

A unique experience!

Nature immersion 24h a day, working together, being in the Council field along with other practices invites a fertile ground for building community, personal transformation and energy renewal; a unique experience with people organically and wholeheartedly combining their efforts to learn together, create trust, joy, love, and bring authenticity and healing to their relations.

Come and join us if you feel a ressonance!

About the Program

Our program is inspired by the concept of “Ajudada” — a term used in rural communities in Portugal, where people come together and rely on the help of the community to accomplish a job that would be too heavy to do alone.

Our second transformative and regenerating Base Camp Community Building week follows from the earlier action with our friends in June this year, and is an invitation for you to join us at Peace Valley to help us complete a few more structures and have our camp ready to rock!

There is no participation fee but we do share and split the cost of food between the whole group. Choose to stay for the whole week or just for a few days! Places are limited.


Sleeping outdoors in own tent or campervan in a campsite with compost toilets, showers, community cooking with 3 meals a day on the camp kitchen, open decision-making processes, conscious water management, rotation of tasks for maintaining the camp in good shape, access to electricity through solar panels, mobile data and telecommunication network coverage, free time and organised outings for shopping and leisure activities.

Our work initiative includes:

Clearing and creating paths and forest steps, building two compost toilets and a shower structure, creating a learning area tent, clearing and levelling camping spaces for tents.


Starts: 9th of August 2021 (you can arrive the day before)

Ends: 15th of August 2021

What we ask from you: Bring your own eating utensils, cup, 2x 5lt mineral waters, tent, camping gear, and suitable clothing for being outdoors in the Summer. You need to have good footwear and clothes that you can get dirty and be worry free! More details are provided upon registration.

Cost: €8 per person/day (incl. 3 meals a day).

Families and Children: Please contact us first so we can assess your participation and better inform you of all the logistics involved in the camp.

Dana: Our camp includes some essential community-based practices and disciplines in which we have experience and that we value highly. If you also find value in the work, experience and facilitated offerings, please consider to leave us some dana (donation) which will go some way toward our costs. Gratitude for your extra generosity!

Covid-19: As we all are aware, health and hygiene are essential. We ask self-responsibility, care and attention for ourselves and others in all things. Around current health topics, please do not attend if you tested positive for Covid, feel unwell or are in need of any quarantined space.

If your planning to travel to Portugal from abroad please check the latest information on entering the country, here.

To register fill in the form here.

For more information, please write to us at:

How it works:

We will be for the most part outdoors, surrounded by wilderness and all its elements. You need to be prepared physically and mentally to participate in construction and working the land and activities, knowing that you are far from the usual comforts of modern life.

All are invited to take self and shared responsibility, acknowledge our own processes as they arise, ask what we need, give what we can, and take care of ourselves, each other and the land.

Daily planning is done openly in community – tasks and teams, for example, mornings check-ins, wellness practices, work time and sites, going to the beach, meals, Council ceremony, etc..

Images from our last workcamp in June

Preview of a day schedule

An example for you to consider how the days could run, the actual weekly planning is done openly in community with the group and reviewed on a day-by-day basis.

* All the participants are welcome to present their offerings and ideas for the time-slots: Morning Offerings and Community Offer.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this beautiful land and connect with you!

João, Kriszta and Rob Dreaming
land stewards and hosts