Autumn Equinox

Deepening Quest

6 – 11th September 2022 • Portugal

A Council of renewal and deepening — a compelling opportunity to reawaken and set the foundations for a relationship of honest intimacy and realignment between us and Earth.

  • Council in Nature
  • Medicine walk
  • Overnight solo (24h)


First steps into the wilderness!

Hosted six days on the land of Peace Valley, offered to facilitate a harvest and a preparation for going within, an initiation to pull us out of the familiar world and support us in rediscovering an often neglected capacity to witness and connect to a more far-reaching narrative of self, and our environment.

This work offers a deepening in Council work, nature, and ceremony. Giving time for the fruit and flower of this gift we are given of life to live, gently sharing our journey in the reviving nature of a unique place.

Whatever our current theme or focus, the Autumn Equinox crosses a bridge into a deeper nature, into emergence and powerful transformative work, marking visibility in the heart, breath and spirit, and honoring a time of importance for our initiations in life.

This special time of quest will be gently grounded within a secluded natural reserve and nature’s presence. Council, Ceremony, and an overnight solo quest (24 hours). Nature as our mirror and Guide will be the core of our journey together.


  • Time spent in circle, in witness to each of our current story and focus
  • Taking a medicine walk to open and cross a first threshold
  • Returning to and working our deeper intentions in group support process 
  • Preparation for fasting and a 24-hour solo time alone in the land
  • Being received and heard in community, heart and the mirror

Do you feel the longing for connecting more truthfully and intimately with life, and are you available to relate to yourself at a courageous, more profound, and honest level?

If you do, please join us, and let’s cross the threshold together!

We’ll be taking the time each of us fully needs to hold this opportunity in a way it serves and honors our personal and collective stories.

The Autum Equinox Deepening Quest is held and facilitated by experienced council leaders, Rob Dreaming, Krisztina Pasztor and team.


  • Places are limited!
  • Participants must have either a council training or some circle experience;

The program will be given in English with translation to Portuguese if necessary by the group.

Cost€350 – €450 (sliding scale) for guides and teachings, including camping facilities for 6 days, and use of some solo equipment.

Food is supplied at additional cost at €40 p.p. for the 6 days. Responsibility is given to all to share cooking/preparing it in the way of engaging community..


Sleeping outdoors in own tent or campervan in a campsite with compost toilets, showers, community cooking with 3 meals a day on the camp kitchen, conscious water management, access to electricity through solar panels, mobile data and telecommunication network coverage. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this beautiful land and connect with you!

To mark your place for the Autumn Deepening fill in the form @here.

For more information write to us at: