Base Camp Community Building Week

21st – 26th of June 2021 • Portugal

6-day base-camp community-building in the southwest of Portugal. Explore group practices, meaningful relations, community spirit, and togetherness, while joining in hands, mind and hearts with activities and service to the land.

In our first event, Rock Circle Sky partners with and is hosted by Peace Valley, a place of natural beauty located in the Nature Park of the Alentejo’s South West Vicentina coast. Peace Valley is a conservation project in rewilding development a few km of from some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

With clear intention to bring our uniqueness into life, learning, work, play and togetherness in a group, we will be co-creating work activities in service to the land and project, whilst building community spirit, engaging in body-mind centering practices, deep dialogue, active collaborations, and together learn cooperative communication skills. The program offers free time and much space to rest, walk and explore in the surrounding nature.

Our work initiative includes:

Beautifying the land, clearing, and creating paths and forest steps, tree conservation, building compost toilets, constructing a learning area, camping spaces, repairing and painting a utility kitchen structure, establishing a simple water tower, and generally taking care of the land.



Arrival: Sunday, 20th of June
Friday, 26th of June
What we ask from you:
around 5hrs service per day. Please, bring
your own own cup, eating utensils, tent and sleeping gear. More details provided on inscription.
Sliding Scale €75–100 per person

Contact us!

To register and for more information, please write to us at:

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