Autumn Earthlink Fast

1 – 4 October 2023 • Where you are •

This is an invitation to participate in and as a group of trained Vision Fast Guides for up to 4 days,

OR as willing untrained participants to fast for 24 hours,

from many nations and continents around the globe.
The Earthlink fast is partly online, partly nature-based. Guides connect as a large collective, support each other in more depth in local clusters and go onto the land in our respective locations across the globe. The 2023 dates for being on the land are 1-4 October, enabling us to simultaneously act as a global net, an ‘Earthlink’ with a shared purpose.

As a collective of Earthlinks we embrace the idea of acting as a receptor between human and planet as a living regenerative power. We will sit on the cushion of the earth, relax, receive, live and breath that experience in service of the Earth.

On return we will offer each other mirroring and receive the essences of our stories through weaving and contributing to a new story for the planet, for us and our collective culture.

Questions and intentions that are emerging:

  • Who do we need to be in this time?

  • What is the Earth saying?

  • What gifts are we needing to give and receive?

  • What messages do the elements have for us?

  • What is easy to hear?

  • What is hard to hear?

  • What is left when I / we get out of the way?

  • What do we need to mourn and grieve?

  • What do we need to celebrate?

To be a part of this year’s ceremony, contact

Website –

For more information write to us at:

I am not a guide…

and I want to support the Earthlink fast

Some ideas to consider:

  • Light a candle each night from 1-4 October in support of the guides on the land

  • Prayer and blessings

  • Create your own special ceremony of listening to the earth

  • Tell others about the Earthlink fast

  • Create, write, sing, dance and be in sacred silence with us

  • Spend a day fasting between 1-4 October in support of the guides on the land

  • Take a medicine walk in nature

  • Join the guides on the land as a supporter at a local basecamp

I am a guide and want to join the fast

The time on the land from 1-4 October 2023 is specifically for Wilderness and Vision Fast Guides who normally hold space for others to be on the land. As we are spending time on the land in our own locales, it is important to do so in ways that honour the ritual of the vision fast in a safe and responsible way. The fast does not carry any cost, but as a guide you will be responsible for organising and funding what you need yourself.

Over the past two years we have organised as a global community and through creating local clusters (groups of 3-8 guides) who meet online or in person in a smaller, more intimate group. As a cluster you may choose to quest on the same land, and will connect to share stories and mirror the experience for each other. Local clusters are partly set up based on language preferences, and partly based on location.

The global community meet online before and after the Earthlink fast. We share our stories through a collective weaving, sensemaking and mirroring process. This sacred circle of listening and weaving allows us to receive the larger story evoked and invoked through being on the land at the same time.

Important dates for 2023:

  • 20 June 2023 7pm CET

  • 29 August 2023 7pm CET

  • 20 September 2023 7 pm CET

  • 25 September 2023 7 pm CET

  • Personal medicine walk during September 2023

  • Earthlink Fast: 1-4 October 2023

  • Harvesting the stories Sunday 8 October 2023

  • Local clusters determine own dates and meeting times

If you are called to participate and support the Earthlink fast, please register your participation and we will connect you into a cluster and the larger group.