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If you are looking for a more Holocratic, approach to solutions; a smoother co-operation with others; tapping into the wisdom already present in the group, relation, other; widen your support circle; address counter-productive, unexpressed and often sabotaging attitudes; improve trust; reduce stress; find commonly benevolent conditions; increase creativity, then we might have what you’re looking for.

We can co-create with your organisation, group, team, relationship, family, even self, strategy and outline practice techniques to support your needs. We take care to be inclusive in our methods, that we better know your real questions, what is behind the needs and how any suggested program can be sustainable and effective for you and others impacted by changes you make in an ongoing basis. 

We utilise a variety of practices from Sociocracy, Wisdom Council, Peer and cross-peer Mentoring to Storytelling.



We offer mentoring for youth and adults in two distinct ways.

Handing On

Passing on to you the experience and held, tested, and embodied practices in which we are already skilled. If for example you are interested and wish to move toward becoming a council facilitator or stepping onto the path for Way of Council, we can provide a program adaptive to your needs.

Rite of passage

This kind of mentoring offers guidance for one’s own listening, exploration, and emergent expression for who we are becoming, how to mark what has passed, and for transitions and life-impacting circumstances that are in search of integration, a mirror, and or support.

In our experience by the use of Council and the framework of nature-based practices, we witness guidance avail itself directly through one’s own realizations, the mirror of nature, or the intuitive reflections of another, to which we are always bidden to check the resonance and truth for ourself.

We know of mentoring as an age-old way to accompany another in some way through particular times or conditions, a learning passage with a guide who has traveled much of the way before or who is in neutral but loving attention, sensitive to the needs of each person’s journey, visioning, challenges, life cycles, and changes.

Way of Council Trainings


An introduction to the Way Of Council and to the practices of deep listening, communication and facilitation, workshops and circles are offered for groups either forming or established, teambuilding and maintaining, businesses, partnerships and personal relationships.

Way of Council is a method to support group processes and personal development, for vision and clarifying purpose, co-operative learning environments, decision making, honoring achievement, for reflection, conflict management, peace and reconciliation work, celebration and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations.


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