Summer Solstice Rewilding

28th June – 3th July 2021 • Portugal

As the Sun reaches its highest and northernmost points in the sky and fulfills a cycle, we’re savoring the opportunity throughout the camp to bathe in the light and celebrate our inner fire, welcome renewal, inspiration, connection, enjoyment, and anchor ourselves in practices of deep interconnectedness.

With orientation from the 4 directions, we will focus each day on relevant themes for our lives, guided by experienced facilitators into the simplicity of being, the meanings and mirrors of each direction, the cycles and wheel of life, solo time or day walk, sharing circles, social meditations and nature-based sessions for awareness.

Living, cooking and eating, learning and relaxing under the great open sky, we will venture inward in support of our re-wilding, outward in expression of our more essential individual and collective natures.

Program includes: Way of Council circles, Storytelling & Mirroring, Forest Bathing, Medicine Walks, Solo time in Nature, Somatic Pedagogies, Deep Dialogue Practices, Movement & Dance, Daily Sadhana (daily mornings group practice), Free/Beach time.


Arrival: Sunday, 27th of June
Departure: Saturday, 3rd of July

What we ask from you: Commitment to follow your questions and intentions, the guidelines from facilitators around safety and conduct. Please, bring your own own cup, eating utensils, food and provision for the week, tent and sleeping gear, all-weather clothing and any needs for self-sufficiency. More details provided on inscription.

Food: Our programs centre around the idea that we come together as a community or with a community focus. Around food, we invite each participant to bring their own food and or share collectively/organise in buying it if open to that before or during the program.

What we can provide: Simple kitchen utllities, water and basic sanitary

Cost of tuition: €350

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