Gateway to Belonging –
Elemental Immersion Journey

16th –21st June (TBC) –  2022 • Portugal

“Gateway to belonging” –
Elemental immersion journey

 –What is the gift that we carry to best serve our community and our Earth in our times?–

We invite you to an engagement in practices that bring us to a place of mental stillness and focussed awareness of what is most vital…
When the ancient voices of the elements of nature are deeply felt, held and honoured… just as the indigenous nations of the Earth have been doing since tens of thousands of years, we become compelled to own up to our unique gifts and to express them responsibly. And when we are together, we can align them collectively with purpose and clarity.

In this journey you will – 

Be invited to listen deeply to the core of the Indigenous soul inside each of us through council, storytelling and solo time, rekindle our ancient relationship with each of the elements through a medicine walk, several grounded ceremonies including Cacao from the Mayan leader and elder Tata Pedro Cruz, nature-based practices, nurture with foods, art, movement and the Four Directions.

We welcome you into this journey to look, listen and learn, re-indigenising; re-membering ourselves and our natural heritage to become and accept being indigenous or ‘belonging’.  By so doing, we add in our own way to an individual and collective movement of conscious integration, responsibility and awakened participation in humanity. 




Our program 


Medicine walk
Social Presencing Theater
Forest Bathing
Sit spot
Nurture and food
Indigenous Perspective
Movement & Art

Gateway costs 
€480 (sliding scale for the low waged) – includes all sessions, food & accommodation use of facilities.

Belonging Team
Jivan Mucta, Rob Dreaming, Krisztina Pasztor & Kim Possible

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