Way of council

Deepening training

October 20 – 22  2023 • Sintra, Portugal

Way of Council is an art of listening… a moment to breathe… a ceremony.


With Guide Rob Dreaming and team

When collectively practiced with clear intent, we can touch the field, open to reflections, see, hear and find ourselves in each others stories, and venture deeper than before.

As guides and participants we will encounter –

• Mindfulness
– A marking of the path along on the way
• Deepening cohesion in circle practice
– The how and the why
• Sitting with the shadows
– Offering the gift
• Yarning the thread that reaches forward
– An intention beyond our own, beyond the circle
• Nature walk
• Dreams
• Bodywork
• Meditation…



This work offers a deepening in Council work, nature, and ceremony. A deepening is offered to those who are committed to carry the practice of circle work, whether Way of Council or some other ‘Way’. Our questions are the leaders, the encounters in our work the material from which we will draw, and from there, collectively explore.


  • Time spent in circle, in witness to each of our current story and focus
  • Taking a walk to open and cross a first threshold
  • Some fasting (to be agreed with each before we meet)
  • Returning to and working our deeper intentions in group support process


  • Places are limited!
  • Participants must have either a council training or some regular circle experience;

The program will be given in English with translation if necessary by the group.

Cost€300 / £265 for guide and teachings

Food and accommodation
is supplied at additional cost by the venue

Food & accommodation costs –
Food – around €65 for 7 meals
Live-in vehicle/camping – €7
Dormitory – €10
night / person

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Rock Circle Sky

If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.

– Carl Perkins