Way of Council training

3 -5 November 2023 • Portugal

2.5-Day Introduction Training
Way of Council

  Aquinta, São Luis, Alentejo, PORTUGAL 

Rob Dreaming  – Trainer with team

Way of Council is a method to support group processes and personal development, for vision and clarifying purpose, co-operative learning environments, decision making, honouring achievement, for reflection, conflict management, peace and reconciliation work, celebration and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organisations.

Participants will —
identify usefuI practices for seIf and group facilitation, develop communication skills and the ability to be present in each moment,

explore with learnings offered in response to our own particular and collective needs and questions, receive guidance from over 20 years of working council practice, plus teachings
handed down.

• Council outside with, and in nature
• Building trust
• Practical forms of application
• Q&A Theory and practice in group settings
• Storytelling
• Games
• The experience and impact of cooperative communication
• Social responsibility
• Quality and coherence of our relationships and the opportunities we create


Cost: 195€* is the cost for the training
*this price supports the team work to continue and other participants who can’t pay the full amount. IF you can’t afford the full price, please apply for a bursary separately to info@rockcirclesky.org

90€ deposit is required to book your place

Food* (Details and options on sign-up)
Onsite camping/shared rooms etc

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Resources about Council

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